Bring home the spa with this 20-speed Percussion Massage Gun – SFGate

Bring home the spa with this 20-speed Percussion Massage Gun – SFGate

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The RENPHO Percussion Massage Gun ($75.99) from Amazon. 


Every athlete – regardless of their level of activity – has their own wants and kneads when it comes to addressing muscle soreness.

For some, a spa day is a quick ticket to recovery while others insist the healing hands of trained professionals rub them the wrong way. That’s the beauty of this RENPHO Percussion Massage Gun – the power is entirely in your hands. 

RENPHO Percussion Massage Gun



Perfect for your post and pre-workout routine, this deep tissue massage gun uses a 3200 RPM high-torque brushless motor to send wave after wave of healing vibration to your arms, legs, back, or anywhere with muscle soreness or tension. With six massage heads, 20 adjustable speeds, and robust 8-hour battery life, relief is about as easy as pressing a button. 

Use the large Ball head for large muscle groups, the Air Cushioning Soft Head for sensitive spots, U-shaped & Bullet Heads for spine, neck, and shoulder soreness, and Wedge Head & Hammer Head to protect against muscle spasms. 

A user-friendly touch-button interface makes finding your preferred head/speed a breeze while its compact size allows for easy carry and storage. 

Save 24% on this RENPHO Percussion Massage Gun when you pick it up today from Amazon for $75.99